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What is Fundnation

Our platform is built to help organisations run seamless donation campaigns.

Fundnation is a digital donations platform built specifically to help Organisations run campaigns. We developed our platform to specifically solve those very frustrating pain points that every organisation faces while running a campaign.

During this dedicated time, Organisations need to be focused on raising money, reaching out to potential donors, making phone calls and speaking to individuals; they should not be worried about any administration.

Fundnation allows Organisations to do exactly this, while our platform takes care of tracking all donations, tracking all leads and outbound calls. Organisations can send emails, WhatsApps and SMSs straight from the platform and even process cards with our integrated virtual terminal.

The best part is we don’t charge any percentage. Your money is your money, not ours. We simply charge a single flat fee for our platform regardless of the total amount raised.

Our Platform

Fully customisable, fully branded and full of features

Landing Page: Every Organisation receives a customised landing page with all relevant branding, colours and information.

Payment: Our platform integrates directly with your payment gateway so that funds are transferred directly to the organisation. No holding fees, no split payments and no percentage charged. 

Advanced Backend: View all donations, make changes and export all data with the click of a button from our advanced backend. 

Integrated CRM: Keep track of your potential donors (we call them “leads”) and send them emails and messages without leaving our platform.

Call-a-thon System: Automatically find potential donors (“leads”) to call, record all interactions with them and process live payments without leaving our platform.

Fundnation has many more features that will help your campaign succeed! Schedule a call with one of our consultants.

We are also able to assist with your campaign and donation strategy, all marketing materials, graphic design, email marketing and everything in between to ensure your campaign success!

How We Started

There was a clear problem we needed to solve

Fundnation was born out of our team’s desire and passion to help the community. Over the years, many of our Zetigon team have been directly involved in community organisations, specifically in areas of marketing and fundraising; allowing us to understand the importance of fundraising.

One of our team members was asked to assist an organisation with running a call-a-thon campaign. Upon further research, they understood that all alternative solutions were complicated, expensive and didn’t alleviate the piles of administration that their organisation had to deal with.

On that thinking, Fundnation was born!