Welcome to Fundnation

Raise funds and run seamless call-a-thon campaigns

with our advanced digital donation platform

We’ve built a platform that puts organisations first, genuinely.

Why Fundnation

We make the process of fundraising easy and seamless

Fundnation was built to help organisations focus on what they are good at – raising money.

Our team never understood why organisations spent so much time on admin, lists, databases, reconciliations, and keeping track of calls and emails – until we looked further. We realised there was no platform that truly puts organisation first. 

Fundnation was born as a complete campaign management platform: call-a-thons, matched campaigns, annual donations, giving days and much more. 

All major currencies supported

Fully customisable design

Integrated leads management

Virtual credit card terminal

No % charged


Landing Page

Every campaign has a beautifully designed landing page with relevant information, perfectly in line with the campaign’s brand. 

Direct Payments

No % fees are charged. Campaigns are set up directly with the organisation’s payment gateway of choice. 

Advanced Backend

Our platform will automatically suggest a donor to be called and allow you to send message directly. 

Single flat fee irrespective of total raised

Fully integrated call-a-thon CRM

Send emails, SMSs and WhatsApp

Process card without OTP

Funds settled directly to you

Dedicated campaign manager

Setup in 2 working days

About Us

But what really makes us different?

We live in a world filled with innovation, constant development and much competition. Our team often asks, what really makes Fundnation so different? The answer is simple.

Our platform has been designed to alleviate the ‘nitty-gritty’ and administrative tasks associated with running a donation campaign, some that you may be aware of and others that you may not have thought of yet

Fundnation takes care of all this A-Z; the sort of tasks that you say “Ahh, I wish I didn’t have to do that!”; and those that you haven’t even realised how important they are. We do it all, so you can focus on engaging with donors, extending your reach, and ultimately running a seamless donation campaign.