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Powerful and all-in-one tool that simplifies campaign management from start to finish.

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Our Platform

Customizable Donation Pages

Every campaign has a fully customizable landing page filled with images, videos and text – perfectly in line with your campaign and brand ID.

Automated Matching

Are your campaign donations being matched? We’ll automatically show your donors that their donation is worth even more

Call-a-thon Software

Manage all leads, outbound calls and track donor feedback in our platform and directly send texts, WhatsApps and emails  

Direct Payment Payouts

Your money is your money, not ours. All payments will be processed directly into your organization’s bank account within 1-2 business days


Generate advanced reports of all leads and donors. Simply export your Fundnation data at any time as an Excel spreadsheet. 

Raise Even More

Let us focus on the software, payments, databases, tracking, and all that stuff – so you can focus on what is important: raising as many funds as possible 

Why are we different?

We free up your time

Designed for Organization

Build specifically by campaign admins

Cost-effective pricing structure

Expert advise

Full campaign support

6-minute average response time

Case Studies

Youth Movement

Case Study: Religious Youth Movement couldn’t run their annual fundraising dinner due to Covid – Fundnation allowed them to innovate.

Family Synagogue (Shul)

Case Study: We assisted a well-known family Shul to decrease campaign fees by over 65% after having run campaigns for many years.

Community Security

Case Study: A local community security company was able to bring together donations from over 1300 individual community members.

Who Uses Fundnation

Religious Institutions


Community Groups

Yeshiva & Kollel