Fundraising – simplified.

More money. More donors. Less stress. A powerful, all-in-one tool, Fundnation simplifies campaign management from start to finish. And the best part?

One flat fee. No % charged.

Unlock unlimited fundraising potential

Crowdfund your next project with Fundnation – an all-in-one platform that enables the effective management and implementation of any donation campaign.

Join Fundnation and the many organisations that have collectively raised over R55m since using the platform.

Organise: track the status of contacted donors

Communicate: stay in touch with donors via WhatsApp and email

Receive: process credit card payments over the phone


With one transparent flat user fee and no costly % fees taken from donations, Fundnation is among the best peer-to-peer fundraising platforms thanks to its ease and affordability.


Create your very own peer-to-peer fundraising landing page with fully customizable colors, images, text and videos to inspire potential donors.


Simplify the management of your donation campaign with a comprehensive AIO system that tracks donations, contacts leads, processes payments and streamlines admin tasks.

Why Fundnation

Fundraising starts with Fundnation

Cutting through red tape and leaping over hurdles takes the fun and enjoyment out of fundraising. It also overshadows the cause, leaving organisations like yours feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the process.

When it comes to raising money for a good cause, fundraising should be easy.

Fundnation was built to help you and your organisation to focus on the end goal: finding funds. Offering 360 management of your fundraising campaign, Fundnation streamlines the launch of call-a-thons, matched campaigns, giving days and more.

For just one flat service fee, Fundnation simplifies donation campaign management with an advanced backend that’s equipped with:

Simple admin systems

Direct payment settlement

Organized databases

Customizable landing pages

No % fee charged

With fully customisable design features, a virtual credit card terminal that supports all major currencies and a transparent pricing structure, Fundnation is among the best crowdfunding sites worldwide.

Fundnation makes it easier than ever before to create fundraising campaigns, raise money and scale your crowdfunding efforts thanks to:

  • A single flat fee – irrespective of total raised
  • Fully integrated correspondence management system (CRM)
  • Card processing and direct fund settling – minus any % fee
  • Easy campaign launch system – go live within a few hours
  • Your very own dedicated campaign manager

About Us

Unlock the power and convenience of an all-in-one equity crowdfunding platform for your charity campaign

We live in a world filled with innovation, constant development and increased competition, so we’re often asked: what makes Fundnation so different? The answer is simple…

Fundnation is designed to alleviate the tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks associated with running a donation campaign – some of which you may be aware of, and others that you may not have thought of yet.

Fundnation takes care of your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign A-Z style. From lead management to payment processing, Fundnation is an all-in-one system equipped to manage entire campaigns, eliminating the stress, breaking up the monotony and freeing up your time to engage with donors, extend your reach and run seamless donation campaigns.