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This campaign is for the merit of the safe and speedy return of Daniel Shimon ben Sharon, the members of his tank crew, "Tzevet Perez", Itai ben Chagit, Matan ben Anat, Tomer ben Keren, together with all injured, missing, and captured.

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World Mizrachi’s Tzevet Perez Tzedakah Campaign
For the merit of the safe and speedy return of Daniel Shimon ben Sharon, the members of his tank crew, “Tzevet Perez”, Itai ben Chagit, and Matan ben Anat,  together with all injured, missing, and captured, and dedicated to the memory of Tomer ben Shay hy”d.
“Tzevet Perez”, named after Daniel Perez, is the official name of his tank crew, which has not been heard from since the opening morning of the war. For the merit of their safe and speedy return, and to show our love and support for their families, it is time for us all to join “Tzevet Perez”.

All funds generously donated through this page will go towards purchasing essential apparatus and life-saving equipment for soldiers fighting on Israel’s behalf, or emergency civilian needs, to be distributed by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon and Sulamot, in partnership with World Mizrachi. Fully coordinated with IDF.

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76 Donors

Anonymous R540

B"H the immediate safe return of Daniel Shimon Ben Sharon and all the hostages.

Anonymous R540

In honour of a special birthday

Michal Balsam R3 764

לעילוי נשמת דניאל יצחק בן יוסף בלזם

Anonymous R5 000

Anonymous R1 000

Anonymous R1 800

In honour of Moshe ben Shlomo

Anonymous R8 610

May this tzedekka be in the zchut of the return of Daniel Shimon Ben Sharon and Tzevet Perez, all the hostages that are currently being held in Gaza and the safe keeping of the IDF and Am Yisroel.

alan bulafkin R3 600

we pray for our people our sons and our daughters


Anonymous R5 400

In the merit of a safe return for Daniel and all the soldiers of israel and those held hostage .

Anonymous R360

Anonymous R360

Jacob Sacks R180

Sandy and Steven Brower R360

For the safe return of Daniel,all the team and all the captives. A refua shlaima to all the injured. Shalom in Eretz Yisrael.

Daniellle Romberg R180

Please bring our Daniel home safely soon !

Gidon Romberg R180

May Hashem protect Daniel and return him home safely soon!

Benji Bayhack R180

May Hashem protect Daniel and return him him home safely soon!

Anonymous R5 633

Anonymous R1 800

To the safety of klal Isreal. May all the kidnapped people be returned safety. May Hashem protect IDF and Klal Israel. Amen!

Anonymous R600

Anonymous R360

Wanda Nel R2 500

Dean and Tamara Sher R9 000

Hashem Yishmor

Hugh Raichlin R5 000

May Hashem bless Daniel Perez and every precious Jewish brother and sister, young and old in Gaza, as well as any Gentiles held in captivity by the barbaric thugs that are Chamas. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with our beloved Rav Doron, Shelley and every member of the Perez family in these trying times, and a refua shleima for the chattan Yonatan Perez. "Am Yisrael Chai"!! We will be victorious and may will all have the merit to see the final redemption of the Jewish People soon to be able to live in peace in our Holy Land!

Woolf Solomon R1 800

Anonymous R10 800

Holly Petersen R2 000

Michael and Amanda Sieff R900

Irwin Sacks R10 800

Steven Kaftel R1 800

Anonymous R990

Julian Gecelter R3 600

Sending our love to R’ Laurence, Shelley and family

Anonymous R1 260

Anonymous R1 000

Hashem Yishmor chayalei vtoshvei artsecha

Anonymous R720

Anonymous R10 800

Anonymous R1 080

Le'ilui nishmas Rochel Leah bas Shlomo Zalman (3rd yartzheit 6 Cheshvan)

Anonymous R4 500

In support of snd with thanks to the IDF, and in solidarity with the people of Israel

Anonymous R1 800

Gayle Burbaitzky R1 800

Shimon Perez R1 800

Hakadosh Baruch Hu should bring back our Daniel Shimon

Eli Chaitowitz R1 800

Anonymous R540

Anonymous R1 026

Chazak. Chazak. B"H the immediate safe return of our Darling Daniel Shimon and all the brave, courageous Soldiers. Thank you for fighting for Am Yisroel. Brochas


Jamey Wolpe R5 000

Neill & Pam Rosenthal R1 800

For the safe return of Daniel & all the chayalim & hostages & for a refua shleimah to the wounded.

Anonymous R5 000

Am Yisrael Chai

Anonymous R180

David Katz R2 000

Anonymous R1 800

שמה ישראל ה׳ אלקינו ה׳ אחד


Anonymous R5 040

Anonymous R1 800

Yisrael Drutman R180

Yisroel Drutman R36

Shirley Bricker R900

Davening for an immediate return of Daniel and all those missing, and the safety of all our friends and family in Israel.

Barry, Yonit and Uriya Schwartz R1 800

BH Chazak Chazak v Netzachek Shalom u Bracha!

Anonymous R3 600

Netanel and Taryn Azizollahoff R3 600

Hashem should protect our people, our soldiers and bring everyone home safely!

Anonymous R700

Shraga & leah Jameson R5 400

Marc C R5 400

Praying for the quick return of Daniel Shimon ben Sharon along with everyone else and for the safety of all our precious soldiers

Anonymous R5 400

Lance Kahn R1 000

Anonymous R5 000

Anonymous R360

Anonymous R1 800

Anonymous R1 800

Am Israel Chai ! G-d bless the soldiers and people of Israel.

Anonymous R180

We are praying for you!!!

Anonymous R500

Greg Cline R500

Mark Uria R9 000

To a safe and speedy return of our dear friend Daniel and everyone else being held captive

Shaun Zagnoev R5 000

Chani Felsher R360

Lee Tobin R540

May Daniel Shimon Ben, Itai Ben Chagit, Tomer Ben Keren, together with the injured and captured, make a safe and speedy return

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