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102% Raised

Together we've raised R5 138 421 (102%)!
Help us reach our goal of R5 000 000

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The Torah Club

Team Goal: R300,000
Raised: R122,638

41% Raised

Thank you to our generous matchers

The Base is known for its open doors and big heart.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of background or means. It is home to those exploring Judaism as well as the most learned.

The BASE is a space for personal growth and transformation.

Help us develop our new Community Centre for greater inspired Jewish Living!

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Account: 0042 1022 507
Branch: 009 205

All donations towards this campaign are tax deductible and will qualify for a Section 18A Receipt.

We've raised 102%!

Together we've raised R5 138 421!
Help us reach our goal of R5 000 000

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Donors for The Torah Club

Anonymous R720

Huge yesharkoach to all the kids (and fearless leaders of our community) for your dedication and hard work.

Team: The Torah Club

Dori, Deanne and Tova Kawalsky R720

Hatzlacha Rabba!!

Team: The Torah Club

Anonymous R679

LZ"N Dovid Ben Yaakov, Basya Bas Avraham, Rivka Bas Yaakov

Team: The Torah Club

Craig and Bev Hummel R1 800

Team: The Torah Club

Anonymous R360

Team: The Torah Club

Yosef Krohn R679

Contr. l'ilui nishmas Doniel ben Dovid z'l

Team: The Torah Club

Michael Huth R24 000

Hatzlocha Raba and Thank You

Team: The Torah Club

Anonymous R20 000

For the refuah of Chaim Reuven Ben Aliya amongst wounded soldiers of IDF and the return of the hostages

Team: The Torah Club

Anonymous R40 000

For the Refuah Sheleimah of Refael Moshe Ben Devorah

Team: The Torah Club

Michelle & Joey London R3 600

Team: The Torah Club

Adina, Yonatan and Shayna Gischen R3 600

Liluy nishmas Chaya Shayna Bas Meir and the safe return of our hostages. Am yisrael chai

Team: The Torah Club

Kayla Zvi and Eitan Bloch R720

For the safe return of all the hostages,Am Yisrael Chai

Team: The Torah Club

Anonymous R3 600

Let's gooo!

Team: The Torah Club

Shmuel and Deena Gischen R3 600

May the Base continue with its incredible impact on this community amd beyond!

Team: The Torah Club

Sidney Gischen R360

Team: The Torah Club

Janine Harding R200

Team: The Torah Club

Gidon and Kim Lees R18 000

Team: The Torah Club


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All about the Base

Raised: R525 960

Goal: R530 000

99% Raised
Early Risers

Raised: R356 551

Goal: R370 000

96% Raised
Kollel Team

Raised: R237 152

Goal: R300 000

79% Raised
Madrichim Team

Raised: R111 856

Goal: R300 000

37% Raised
Pap n extra gravy

Raised: R814 423

Goal: R820 000

99% Raised
T to the power of 3

Raised: R263 652

Goal: R300 000

88% Raised
The Naggers

Raised: R577 903

Goal: R570 000

101% Raised
The Torah Club

Raised: R122 638

Goal: R300 000

41% Raised
Weekday Minyanairres

Raised: R694 736

Goal: R700 000

99% Raised
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