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This has been an extraordinary year. It goes without saying that our world and lives have changed significantly. Despite the immense challenges, our sense of community and togetherness has been stronger than ever. We have found ways to overcome the limitations of Covid and we have created spaces and opportunities for togetherness, community, chessed and learning.

We now turn to you to help us build a stronger, brighter future for our Shul, our community and our Sydenham family. It is together that we have built Sydenham into the spiritual home that it is today, and it is together that we will build its future. 

The High Holidays are a powerful time of the year when we look ahead and honour the past by giving charity in the name of our loved ones and in prayer for good health for ourselves and our families. 



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Over the years Sydenham Shul has actively focused on creating meaningful and relevant experiences for young adults, couples and families - bringing young Jews together to socialise, learn and develop a greater connection to their community and their religion. We aim to develop mentorship programmes between youth and seniors; training them to become leaders of the future.

From Women of the World to Israel trips (JWRP), Sydenham has always understood the importance of women as the strength and backbone of our families and our community. Rebbetzin Estee is leading the way with her vibrant energy to build a community of strong women.

There are many ideas being considered to reconfigure the Big Shul to make it warm and welcoming to all our members.

A key focus is to recruit new families from the area to the community, especially through integrating and welcoming our nursery school families into our Shul. 

Now more than ever we value our volunteer committees who assist our congregants through good and difficult times. We will continue to encourage our members to join these groups and help uplift the lives of our community.

A much needed upgrade and refinement of our technology and CRM systems will allow us to enhance and streamline communication.

We've raised 105%!

Together we've raised R2 629 020!
Help us reach our bonus goal of R3 000 000

599 Donors

Anonymous R540

Hilton Shak R1 620


Amanda Osher Favel R600

Adi, Rina & family Lurie R1 080

Go from strength to strength

Anonymous R1 080

Larry Feinberg R3 750

Anonymous R1 080

In Memory of our parents

Gina & Joel Smookler R900

Anonymous R1 620

Michael Alhadeff R5 400

Paul Sham R900

Gabbi Katzenellenbogen R3 000

Barbara Sterne R1 500

Anonymous R270

Anonymous R1 080

Robin Jacobson R10 800

Good luck and Yasherkoach to our wonderful Rabbonim & Fantastic Matchers

Arnold and Denise Suttner R1 500

Justine Michel R1 620

In memory of Alan Michel

Darryll Leiman R3 000

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R2 700

Ivor Berger R10 800

Daniel Altschuler R540

Steven Mann R540

Anonymous R540

Sid and Gay Lazarus R3 240

Saul and Liora Chernick R900

Belinda Sacks R1 080

Raoul Hurwitz R1 500

דודי שטרן R3 000

DArren Gorelick R2 160

Selwyn Lichtenstein R1 080

Anonymous R1 080

Eli Lewenstein R540

Susan Menashe R10 500

Philip Krinkin R1 080

In honor of the Kay Family and their commitment to the shul

Anonymous R1 080

Evan Milner R540

larry krug R1 080

In loving memory of Elaine and Eric Krug

Gavin and Liane Dick R3 240

F Cohen R540

Milton Buchalter R1 140

Anonymous R2 700

Dani Freidus R3 024

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R27 000

Colin Levin R1 500


Lawrence and Janine Hummel R21 600

Jonty, Lauren, Liat, Eliyana and Lieba Cohen R4 320

Craig and Bev Hummel R32 400

Romy Waters R3 000

Robert Klaff R540

Anonymous R1 500

Anonymous R3 000

Anonymous R540

I'm not a member, but i attended the shul quite often before Covid, and look forward to attending again in the near future.

yossi klein R3 000

Anonymous R1 080

In loving memory of Tzipporah Bas Naftali Hertz

Anonymous R32 400

Brett Levitas R1 620

Esther and David Gluckmann R1 080

Linda and Alex Zwarenstein R1 080

Darryl Beira R5 400

Jeff Henen R1 080

Sholom Milner R1 620

Anonymous R1 080

Mofsowitz Family R1 500

Len and Lara Bilchitz R3 240

Anonymous R1 080

Dan Stillerman R3 240

Levitan Family R30 000

Shmuli Kagan R1 080

With gratitude. To continued impact and inspiration

Sasha Star R540

Mark Cohen R6 000

Joel Smookler R1 500

Colin Datnow R27 000

Janet Hofman R1 500

Donated in loving memory of Cyril and Elvira Hofman, as well as Yvonne James and Michael Lotz

Gregory Bloom R1 620

Colin & Corinne Bartkunsky R1 500

Yortzeit Donation

Norman Hurwitz R5 400

Steven Brasg R1 800

Stephen and Linda Druckman R21 600

Maish and Melanie Kaplan R16 200

Dylan Jacobson R810

Anonymous R1 080

Stacey Lifshitz R1 620

Shana Tova to the community of Sydenham Shul. Thank you for all the excellent work that the Nursery school and the Shul does.

Justine Friedman R540

Aliya for Chaya leah bas yaffa

Anonymous R2 160

Anonymous R3 780

Anonymous R300

Anonymous R4 500

Melissa Janet R540

Elan Sawitzky R5 400

Brad Riback R5 400

Anonymous R216

E & B Feiglin R5 400

For a great Aussie Rabbi

Leon and Bernice Klugman R1 680

In loving memory of our beloved parents and grandson

Arthur Rosen R810

Louis and Sandra Goralsky R27 000

Debrah Hirschowitz R540

Aliya Neshoma Henna bat Avraham

Anthony and Jodi Toker R2 160

Meltzer Family R27 000

Stan Orelowitz R1 620

Nadine Meyerowitz R1 620


Anonymous R3 240

Anonymous R1 080

Shani and Mathieu Sroussi R540

Ilanit and Meir Liberman R750

Behatzlacha Rabba and thank you for all that you do for the Jewish community!!

Dylan and Sarah Berger R1 620

Anonymous R15 012

Anonymous R1 350

Daniel Avinir R4 500

Dean Suntup R1 080

Mark scop R2 700

Anonymous R1 200

Michal and shmulik Ofen R1 500

Jessica Vinokur R1 080

From strength to strength!

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R2 700

Tal Kattan R540

Anonymous R10 800

Anonymous R3 000

Refuah Shleima b’Krova - Yitzchak Moshe Ben Rochel Reiza

Anonymous R540

Janine Gelbart R1 080

Ilan Solomons R5 400

Anonymous R1 080

In memory of our parents

Anonymous R16 200

Thank You

Osher & Ilana Klein R1 500

In honour of the Rabbi Rebbitzen and Fam

Alon Treger R2 160

For a refuah shelimah b'karov for Esther Malka bas Yenta and aliyas neshama for Shalom ben Avraham

Tracey Abrahamson R1 080

In memory of Ruby, Norma and Martin Miller

Corinne Ossendryver R540

Brainen Family R3 540

Anonymous R5 400

Shmuel Moch R216

Belinda and David Abramowitz R1 080

In loving memory of our Gran who's Yartzheit it today. May her memory have an aliyah

Symanowitz Family R2 700

Moshe Amoils R1 080

Leon and Aidi Posner R1 500

Mike Glassman R1 500

Be’ hatzlacha to a wonderful kehilla. Chazak!!!

Anonymous R1 620

Anonymous R1 800

Shelly and Jonathan stein R1 620

In loving memory of Chaim Raphael Ben Yitzchak and Feiga bas Moshe

Helen Odes R540

Pinni and Tamar Goodman R1 080

Ari Poyurs R540

Keep up the amazing work!!

Anonymous R1 080

Motti and Ruti Vigler R6 000

Dovi Porter R1 080

Brian Blumenthal R2 700

Shlomy and Aidele Vigler R3 000

Keep Growing!

Fay Flood R150

Anonymous R16 200

Phillip and Lauren Abelheim R108 000

Anonymous R540

Anonymous R5 400

Yochai Zlotnick R900

Anonymous R3 240

In merit of Shoshana devorah bat yechezkiel Halevi

David Pimstein R16 200

Larry and Andy Smith R27 000

Uriel and Shevy Vigler R4 500

Anonymous R5 400

In loving memory of Lina bat Yaakov Pinchas

Brandon Davids R3 000

Anonymous R6 210

Errol Shak R1 620

Joan Treger R2 160

For an aliyas neshama for my husband Selwyn Treger... Shalom ben Avraham

Eitan Bartkunsky R600

Heather Raff R2 160

Yaron Sher R540

Leanne Nathan R5 400

In loving memory of Joseph Berger

Gary Natasha Sienna Vidergauz R540

Anonymous R1 500

Terry Musiker R3 000

Heather Kalmonowitz R540

Katzen Family R32 400

Bernie and Helen Sher R15 000

Anonymous R2 160

Anonymous R1 620

Rael & Nomi Brick R1 500

Anonymous R540

David & Tracy Carno R540

Linda Millner R600

david levine R540

Anonymous R1 080

Hirshi Groner R750

Samuel Nudelman R108

Denise Gerson R1 620

Stanley Friedman R2 160

Russell Davidoff R540

Jason Bome R1 080

Good Yom Tov to all

Hilliard Lipworth R2 160

Jonathan Levy R2 160

Brian Feinstein R300

Deena Gralnik R600

In loving memory of Aryeh ben Mordechai and Sarah Lieba bat Reuven

Adam Marcus R1 080

Wendy Diamond R1 080

Melanie Shirk R540

In loving memory of Mordechai ben Reuven and Freida bat Malka

Wayne Diamond R1 620

Eric Arnold Janet R1 620

Malcolm Bloc and Fam Block R750

Warren Buhai R1 620

in memory of Crusty Pesskin, love Buhais

Bernard Sacks R540

Jason Joffe R2 700

Ari and Shira Yuter R3 240

Alan Crouse R540

Marcelle STEIN R5 400

In loving memory of Marina Lichter , Tanya Attia and Alan Cohen

Raelene Tradonsky R1 620

Phillip & ROBYN Gordon R540

Neil Hermann R5 400

Donated on behalf of The Hermann family.

henry steiner R5 400

Hatzlocha B & H Steiner

Bryan Miltz R5 400

Ross and Candice Kirschner R1 080

Galya Raff R540

Lauren Raff R540

Anonymous R2 700

Anonymous R1 620

Anonymous R10 800

Gabbi Katzenellenbogen R1 500

Lynnsey Schneider R540

H Janks R2 700

Anonymous R540

Avraham Vigler R1 620

Gmar chasing tova & a good gebensht yohr

Joshua Hummel R2 700

Chag Sameach - Joshua and Alana Hummel and Family

Rael Suckerman R5 400

Beverly Levy R3 240

Donation in lieu of late Philip Bartkunsky

Ryan Shill R5 400

Anonymous R1 500

Levi & Frayda Singer R15 000

Anonymous R10 800

Lindy Kremer R1 500

In merit of a refuah shleima for Aharon Yehuda ben Dinah

Hilton Sawitzky R900

Dale Shein R1 080

Ivor Chitterer R2 700

Ivor & Connie Chitterer

Saul and Melissa Adler R162

From strength to strength

Sylvia Farkas R3 000

Yehuda and Dani Kay R2 700



Alan Crouse R5 400

Kol Hakavod G’mar Chatima Tova from Alan Donna Ari & Beca Crouse

Cliffy and Jessie Kay R2 700

Well done to all

Ryan Dogon R2 970

Anonymous R1 080

Shoshana devorah bat yechezkiel Halevi


Alon and Aviva Glassman R2 700

All the best for the year ahead!

Sidney and Linky Neimann R1 500

in memory of Sidney Neimann

Barbara Valkenburg Du Plessis R900

Daniella Freinkel R1 080

Rhoanne & Gerald Davids R3 000

In the merit of an Aliyah and 33 wonderful years as Sydenham members

Steven Joffe R1 080

Anonymous R300



Anonymous R10 800

Shoshana devorah bat yechezkiel Halevi

Trevor Cohen R2 160

Onay Anthony R540

Samantha Saevitzon R1 500

In memory of Barry Harold Saevitzon

Davidoff Family R1 650

Marilyn Serebro R540



Brian epstein R3 000

Nachi & Gitty Rabin R7 800

Hatzlocha Rabba and a Gut Yor!

Anonymous R75 000

Kalman Green R3 000

G'mar Tov l'Shana Tova u'Metuka

Anonymous R540

Anonymous R10 800

Lynton Kotzin R10 800

In recognition of the impact the Shul made on my life and my families.

Linda Lurie R540

Anonymous R1 080

In Memory of Moshe ben Tzvi

Ilan Zwarenstein R3 000


Tony and Carla Marcus and Family R2 700

Rochell Grossman R3 000

In memory of Gordon Grossman.



Rachelle Raff R5 400

In loving memory of Areyh ben Mordechai and Sarah Lieba bat Reuven ha-levi

Kayla Moore R1 080

Joel Kadish R5 400

Anonymous R1 080

NADIA Jacobs R1 620

Mark Horowitz R5 400

Anonymous R1 680

Anonymous R5 400

Anonymous R864

Melanie Dick R900

Anonymous R3 000

Robert and Maureen Levy R2 160

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R540

Joyce Newton R1 500

Anonymous R150

Eldon Beinart R5 400

Well done guys

Karin Maister R6 000

Adam Kruger R540

Jayden Wright R1 080

Ari Treger R1 620

Refuah Shlema Esther Malka Bat Yenta

Anonymous R1 620

Melanie Glass R1 080

In loving memory of Leon Glass.

Owen Sher R30 000

Rabbi Yossy and Rochel Goldman R5 400

Keep growing forever!

Rob Mailich R5 400

Leah Herszberg R840


Anonymous R2 160

In loving memory of my parents. Z''L

Ruth Lasarow R2 160

Darren Horwitz R15 000

Alan Finkelstein R1 800

Merle, Yakira and Meiron Jacobson R324

robin jacobson R5 400

Joan Block R750

Well done Everybody

David Preskovsky R750

Jonathan & Michal Kay R1 080

brian olwyn R300

Adv Nathan Segal R1 500

Tamar, Shira, Liora, Shimshom and Sara Malka . R2 160

For our Grandpa (and Super Zeida): Eliezer Ben Meir

Dave Block R1 500

In honour of our Family Yartheit

Jeff & Avril Ackerman R13 500

In memory of our loved ones.

Yaron Zimbler R540

Danny Mofsowitz R3 240

Rainer and Batya Sztab R3 240

Anonymous R3 000

Anonymous R1 620

Philip Levy R1 080

In Honor of Nachi and Adi Kay

Anonymous R1 890

Tamar and Shira Bloch R1 080

To Elisheva Stern who (at age 5) inspired so many people to give Tzedakah today!

David Dworcan R3 240

In support of rabbi Stern and the new team. Best wishes the Dworcan family

Anonymous R3 240

Shana Sassen R1 080

Tamar Bloch R1 080

To Batya, Tzvi, Chana, Menachem, Elisheva and Rachely- so proud of the lamplighters you all are!

Anonymous R48 000

Anonymous R1 080

Woolf Freinkel R5 400

warren fine R3 240

Adam Grabman R1 200

Lital & Avrami Wolpe R1 080

Marc Wachenheimer R30 000

Wachenheimer / Wiesenbacher families I honor of parents and grandparents

Anonymous R540

Larry and Andy Nussbaum R1 896

Wishing the entire SydShul community a safe and secure Shana Tova!

Anonymous R1 620

Anonymous R540

Anonymous R1 620

Anonymous R540

Norman Gelbart R5 400

Yoav Leviner R1 080

Gerald Shein R16 200

Anonymous R3 240

Anonymous R5 400

Brett Goldberg R2 700

Russel and Hayley Brown R36 000

In memory of Leah Etta bat hirsh tzvi

Raymond and Rolene Nerwich R21 600

Steven Herr R540

Leilu nishmas Ester bas moshe and Yitzhak ben tzvi

Tzippy Vigler R1 080

Efrat schochet R1 500

Gary Boruchowitz R6 900

Brendan Moore R1 080

Anonymous R540

Brian Hough R3 000

Batya Stern R1 500

Onwards and Upwards!

Marc Berman R600

Anonymous R27 000

Jennifer Fleisher R3 240

Shaun Laffer R1 080

Martin Dogon R1 620

Richard Behrmann R2 700

Shlomy and Aidele Vigler R1 500

Michael Grabman R3 240

Anonymous R3 000

Dr Simi Waner R600

Avi and Chanee Shlomo R2 160

In honor of the Stern Family and Menachem (who called)

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R540

Malcolm Block R1 620

Taryn and Netanel Azizollahoff R8 100

Anonymous R2 160

Rabbi and Estee Stern R10 800


Anonymous R540

Alec and Roz Mintz R360

Gidon Band R1 620

Lior and Gina Chernick R1 800

Jillian Levin R540

Daniel Reichenberg R2 160

Anonymous R3 240

Jarred & Tali Abelson R2 310

Hylton Herring R10 800

Amy Price R900

Evan Posner R15 000

Tzvi Stern R3 000

Dee and Ronnie Tanur R1 080

Anonymous R300

Chana Stern R5 400

In honor of my Bat Mitzvah!

Shaina Sachs R1 080

Clive Bedell R2 160

Nissen & Ariella Goldman R1 620

Chazak Ve’ematz

Anonymous R1 080

Larry Levine R1 620


Jared and Kerry Landsman R37 200

Clifford Yuter R1 080


Anonymous R1 620

Anonymous R54 000

In loving memory of Dovid ben Yisroel Zeev & Fegah bat Yehuda Moshe

Benjy Shulman R600

Anonymous R1 620

Liluy nishmat shaul nachum ben shmuel

Anonymous R540

Eli Chaitowitz R1 080

Warren Segal R810

Anonymous R300

Refuah Shelma Kalman Michoel ben Rochel Yetta Rivka

Menachem and Esther Stern R1 500

Jake Kahanovitz R1 080

Arnold Basserabie R27 000

In loving memory of Dennis Basserabie

Cecile Zeller R1 500

Anonymous R36 000

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R540

Anonymous R972

Clive and Linda Sher R5 397

Joe Rivkind R1 620

Mervyn Simon R540

Allon Traub R1 500



Yoel Strous R5 400

Goodluck rabbi stern

Lisa Kowalsky R891

Rod Smith R5 400

Bernard and Lynn Myers R1 500

Merle Werbeloff R1 620

Anonymous R540

Anonymous R540

Manfred and Ruth Kalmek R5 400

In honour of our beautiful family

Wayne and Jacqui Miller R10 800

In loving memory of the late Serena Gecelter

Sean Gordon R5 400

Harry Mirels R600

Mendel and Ilana Kazarnovsky R1 800

גמר חתימה טובה לשנה טובה ומתוקה

Anonymous R5 400

Greg and Daniella Levitan R972

Leon, Charlene, Jarred, Tali, Aliza & Gabi Abelson R10 800

Brocha V'Hatzlocha!

Fredy Peter Kahn R2 700

Adele Kazilsky R1 620

Continue to grow from strength to strength

Anonymous R10 800

Anonymous R540

David castle R1 500

Cynthia Trapedo R1 080

Earle marks R1 080

Dave Sieff R1 080

Rita & Dave Sieff .Yixkor for parents: Gershon & Hinda Leiman Reuven & Sora Rochel Sieff

Anonymous R600

Hillel Solomons R3 000

Wish you all the best with rebuilding the vibrant Sydenham Shul post lockdowns

Sarah Cohen R1 080

Lewis Family R3 780

Abe Kramer R540

Clive Blechman R5 400

Debby Bartkunsky R540

Esther Chaiton R540

Anonymous R5 400

Meyer & Wynne Gelbart R2 700

Anonymous R1 500

Anonymous R5 400

Gill and Murray Blumberg R5 400

David Rose R900

Anonymous R27 000

Anonymous R540

Tanya Jacobson R540

In memory of Gabriel Mordechai Ben Dov

Anonymous R16 200

Josh and Lexi Cartmel and Mila, Izzi and Livvi Mark’s .

Ora Taback R5 400

Anonymous R3 000

Tanya Lowenstein R2 160

In honor of our special community - good health and happiness for all PG

Colin and Lauren Goldstein R15 000

Andy Fingelson R540

Max and Sandy Resnick R1 620

Taryn Winer R1 620

In Memory of Serena Gecelter

Basil Carmela Lishansky R5 400

Lloyd Shane broude R1 620

Anonymous R3 240

Jeffrey and Avril Forman R2 160

In loving memory or Percy and Cassie Forman, Sidney and Golde Colley

Anonymous R5 400

Leonard Jacobson R540

Shira Bloch R960

For the best callers Elisheva and Menecham

Jocelyn Rome R540

Brad and Elise Gelbart R40 500

Wishing you all a Shana Tova Umetukah... keep inspiring our community

Sara Malka Gansburg R540

From your Bobbi and Zaida


In Memory of Joseph Kaplan

Michael Bloch R1 080

Anonymous R5 400

Anonymous R6 480

In loving memory of all our loved ones.

Ron Jutan R3 000

Julian Michael Gecelter R1 080

Basil Lishansky R1 080

Dovi and Yael Rabin R540

In honour of Rabbi and Rebetzin Stern. Hatslocha Raba

Yoav & Hayley Kissos R3 240


With gratitude to the rabbis, committee and staff

Moti & Adina Grauman R5 400

Ronnie Kotkis R540

Baiter Family R5 400

Josh and Ashleigh Poyurs R2 268

Refuah shleima for Yisrael Ben Masha

Anonymous R162

May Hashem bless the community of Johannesburg

Anonymous R3 024

Anonymous R10 800

In memory of Sarah Leah Bat Shimon Yitzchak & Tzi Zalman Ben Yisrael

Anonymous R1 728

Anonymous R5 400

Nadine Hurwitz R1 620

Michael kahanovitz R5 400

Pam Meyerowitz R3 000

Onwards and upwards SydShul!!!

Peter Kaplan R600

Arnold Kramer R5 400

Arnie & Lorraine Kramer

Ryan Rittoff R5 400

Paula Joffe R1 080

Maurice and Robyn Shapiro R2 700

Ernest Kaplan R900

Anonymous R540

Joel Raff R540

Anonymous R2 700

Kevin Shein R16 203

Leonard Carr R1 080

Sheila Twersky R1 080

Greg Yudelowitz R1 350

Anonymous R1 080

Anonymous R2 700

In memory of my grandfather, Aharon ben Shmuel

Anonymous R540

M I Broude R918

M I Broude & Family

Anonymous R1 620

Refuah Shlemah Tuvia Ben Ruth, Levi Ben Alicia, Tehilla Devora bas Shira Nechama

kalman lurie R300

Marlene Sher R1 080

Well done!! Mazal Tov!

Simmy Lobel R3 000

Dani & Donna Kedar R540

In loving memory of Efraim Kedar

Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft R54 000

In the merit of my grandson Eitan Yisroel Shlomo Silberhaft שיחי'

Milton Maloon R540

Benjamin Diner R5 400

Kevin Utian R1 500

Zelda Monica Segal R1 620

Rhona Jacobson R900

Neil Jankelowitz R10 800

Anonymous R1 080

Fiona Katz R1 080

In memory of Leon Katz

Naparstek fam R3 000

Mervyn Genende R30 000

Louise and Lance Fleiser R3 240

Anonymous R3 000

Stanley and Miriam Woolf R1 500

Wishing Sydenham Shul all the best with their campaign!

Anonymous R6 600

Michelle Goodman R810

Steven Crouse R9 720

Saul Glass R1 620

Anonymous R8 100

Anthony Rosmarin R1 080

Steve Nossel R5 400

Moshe and Chedva Lichtenstein R1 080

Hatzlocha to syd community love Moshe, Chedva and Binyamin

David Suttner R3 000

Richard Shein R16 200

Richard and Dani Shein and family

Michael Wainer R540

Tali Frankel R1 620

In merit of a refuah shlema for Uriel Ben Leonie Riva

Jonathan Simon R300

Hayley Bloom R1 080

Anonymous R1 080

In loving memory of Yitzchak Notta ben Avraham Ha'Levi and Yehudit Chana bat Yitzchak Notta Ha'Levi

Josh Apfel R1 800

Glenn Lazarus R3 240

Myron Scop R5 400

Belinda & Myron Scop

Jonathan Hertz R17 496

Jonathan and Sheri Hertz and Family

Barry Kruger R3 240

Tamar and Nachie Levin R5 400

Raymond Seeff R9 000

Regards from Raymaond and Charmeon Seeff

monty Izikowitz R750

credit card

Gabi Wineberg R1 500

Saville and Charmaine Paiken R3 780

don & debbie wolf R3 000

much hatzlocho to Rabbi & Rebbitzen Stern

Cecil Levy R10 800

Anonymous R3 240

Jeffrey & Lindi Shulman R6 000

On behalf of the Shulman family and in memory of our parents that have passed away.

Kerri Friedman R300

Marcus and Dawn Orelowitz R2 700

In memory of our parents

Hugh Raichlin R1 080

Anthony Glazer R2 700

Ted and Gertie Tobias R1 050

Mandy Bloch R3 000

Stanley Brasg R36 000

Anonymous R1 080

Solly Krok R5 400

Lynn and Graham Katzenellenbogen R1 080

Mark & Melissa Silverman R1 620

In loving memory Aryeh Henoch ben Mordechai HaKohen

Resnick and Fish Families R540

In loving memory of Yechiel Rachmiel Ben Baruch Reuvein

Barry Lewis R16 200

Thanks for everything. Amazing

Nicci & Gemma Marcus R5 400

In loving memory of our beloved Chaim Chanan Ben Yitzhak Feivel

andrea sostak R1 620

Joel Chernick R6 480

Joel and Lynette Chernick and family

Morris Wolozinsky R1 620

Dion Abrahamson R1 080

Maureen Wolozinsky R750

Trevor Gerson R300

gershon stein R600

Debra Laing Laing R540

Anonymous R1 500

Anonymous R16 200

Jeffrey and Doreen Zurel R771

Hazel Lerman R1 080

Ian Charif R972

In honour of Rabbi Goldman and Stern

Maish Novick R540

Anonymous R1 080


Dani Freidus R3 240

Maureen Latinsky R540

Anonymous R13 500

David Crouse R3 780

Anonymous R1 620

Anonymous R21 600

In honour of the Kahanovitz’s commitment to the Sydenham community

Anonymous R540

Anonymous R30

Anonymous R540

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