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2023 Matching Campaign

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Team Goal: $10,800
Raised: $7,755

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Am Yisroel CHAI! May the Jewish nation live! 


These days - the very word CHAI - life - has taken on a whole new dimension for us, as we pray for the very lives of our brothers and sisters in Israel. 


Am Yisrael Chai is not a slogan; it’s more than a song. Am Yisrael Chai is our fervent battle cry as we stand together as one Jewish nation. As Chabad of West Hills marks its CHAI year - celebrating 18 years of bringing vibrant Jewish life to West Hills - it is a beautiful and appropriate time to participate in our year-end matching campaign with a contribution that will infuse life and vitality into all our programs.

On December 19-21, we are running our annual year-end matching campaign raising $360,000 (DOUBLE CHAI) in 3 days. Your support will enable us to focus fully on expanding our programs to touch even more people as we build a strong Jewish future. 

Every dollar will be tripled for 3 days only!

$100 becomes $300!
$180 becomes $540!
$500 becomes $1,500!
$1000 becomes $3,000!
$1,800 becomes $5,400!
$3,600 becomes $10,800!
This campaign is flexible funding: Chabad of West Hills will receive all donations.

Only 3 DAYS -- Start to Finish!

We've raised 100%!

Together we've raised $361,012!
Help us reach our goal of $360,000

Donors for CTeen

Hudson Harris $45

Team: CTeen

Alan and Diana Dabach $1 620

In honor of our kids. David, Jacob and Ariella.

Team: CTeen

Mika, Noa and Adam Kryger $5 400

Team: CTeen

Victoria Cruz $150

Thank you!!

Team: CTeen

Joshua Oleesky $540

Thank you Levi!

Team: CTeen


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Caspi Family

Raised: $1,080

Goal: $5,400

20% Raised

Raised: $7,755

Goal: $10,800

72% Raised
Gillis Family

Raised: $5,706

Goal: $5,000

114% Raised
Mench Club

Raised: $35,190

Goal: $30,000

117% Raised
Widawer Family

Raised: $20,556

Goal: $5,400

381% Raised
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