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2023 Matching Campaign

100% Raised

Together we've raised $361,012 (100%)!
Help us reach our goal of $360,000

Am Yisroel CHAI! May the Jewish nation live! 


These days - the very word CHAI - life - has taken on a whole new dimension for us, as we pray for the very lives of our brothers and sisters in Israel. 


Am Yisrael Chai is not a slogan; it’s more than a song. Am Yisrael Chai is our fervent battle cry as we stand together as one Jewish nation. As Chabad of West Hills marks its CHAI year - celebrating 18 years of bringing vibrant Jewish life to West Hills - it is a beautiful and appropriate time to participate in our year-end matching campaign with a contribution that will infuse life and vitality into all our programs.

On December 19-21, we are running our annual year-end matching campaign raising $360,000 (DOUBLE CHAI) in 3 days. Your support will enable us to focus fully on expanding our programs to touch even more people as we build a strong Jewish future. 

Every dollar will be tripled for 3 days only!

$100 becomes $300!
$180 becomes $540!
$500 becomes $1,500!
$1000 becomes $3,000!
$1,800 becomes $5,400!
$3,600 becomes $10,800!
This campaign is flexible funding: Chabad of West Hills will receive all donations.

Only 3 DAYS -- Start to Finish!

We've raised 100%!

Together we've raised $361,012!
Help us reach our goal of $360,000

237 Donors

David M Elias $75

As promised $75.00 towards the campaign

Daniel freeman $180

Etan and Andrea Lorant $108

Yossi and Daniella Gordon $108

David and Melanie Ryngler $11 010

Alex and Milana Waksman $540

Anonymous $162

Alexander Wold $162

Wow, I remember the 1 year anniversary!

Team: Mench Club

Hudson Harris $45

Team: CTeen

Max Widawer $54

To my parents and everything they’ve done for me, and everything chabad does for them

Team: Widawer Family

Anonymous $540

Bradley Widawer $324

Team: Widawer Family

Colin Dyne $1 080

Danya Horwitz $540

Anonymous $108

Team: Widawer Family

Natalie and Michael Spiewak $540


Team: Widawer Family

Sharon Klier $108

Michael Drath $300

With thanks for another good year.

Team: Widawer Family

Mark and Renee Horwitz $3 240

Mark Dyne Foundation $5 400

Zeev Chack $1 080

Ronny Bess $540

Anonymous $300

Philip and Marina Glukhovsky $1 500

Alan and Diana Dabach $1 620

In honor of our kids. David, Jacob and Ariella.

Team: CTeen

Michael Spiewak $300

Larry Turobiner $300

Am Yisrael Chai

Steve and Jenny Yarovinsky $540

Deborah Gordon $540

Gil and Wendy Klier $1 500


Anonymous $15 000

Team: Widawer Family

Shlomo and Devorah Wainer $162

Team: Mench Club

Anonymous $54

Tali Z”L

Glenn Grossman $540

Avi Gordon $108

Barry Wagner $300

Mehrdad Attarzadeh $378

Andrusier Family $600

From strength to strength!! Keep up the great work!


Mika, Noa and Adam Kryger $5 400

Team: CTeen

Larry and Brenda Gillis $3 546

Anonymous $54

Anonymous $1 080

Anonymous . $1 500

Al and Lisa Tiano $1 500

Anonymous $300

Thank you for being a tremendous Light for Am Yisrael!

Yossi Maish $540

Hi Rabi Avi, thank you as always for bringing the community together. Let's all pray for strong Israel

Marc Goldsmith $54

Team: Mench Club

Nema Roofing $5 400

Boruch RABIN $60

Andrew and Amanda Owens $540

Daniel and Miri Peck $540

From The River To The Sea West Hills Chabad Is Where YOU Want To Be. From Roscoe to Valley Circle It’s Been AMAZING To Watch. Continued Nachas and Simchas From Your Hard Work. Mazel Tov Reb Rabin and Rebeztin Rabin

Yuval Carsenti $540

Dovber and Srula Chaiton $108

In honor of Rabbi Avi and the Rabin Family

Warren and Kari Shulman $540

Avi Edery $540

Randy Rosen $300

Team: Mench Club

Murray Weiss $300

Tina & Murray Weiss

Team: Mench Club

Alex Reyter $540

Team: Mench Club

Jorge Dorenbaum $300

Roman Gelman $1 080

Jordan Berger $54

Anonymous $540

Alon and Maya David $540

Brandon Zaghi $1 080

Team: Mench Club

Yaakov Swisa $303

Thank you chabad West hills for everything ????

Sagit Mayer $540

David and Hilla Rosenberg $1 080


Doug Baker $540

Brett and Benita Grauman $300

With gratitude and thanks for all that Chabad of West Hills does in impacting Jewish life in West Hills and beyond.


Neil and Natalie Yeschin $540

Dedicated to Am Yisroel Chai


Yosef Baer $540

Marc and Carol Levin $540

Am Yisroel Chai. Baruch HaShem

Team: Mench Club

Avishay and Rinat Erlich $2 160

Evan and Gerilyn Shorten $1 080


Dov Muchnik $771

Hatzlacha Rabbah Rabbi Avi and Dina! Keep up the great work!

Stephen Pomerance $420

George Jacobson $900


Ben and Galit Pichhadze $540


Jeffrey Kessler $540

Richard and Lori Reisman $3 000

Anonymous $216

Anonymous $5 400

Team: Mench Club

Chemelniker Family $540


Paul Gillis $300

Team: Gillis Family

Coby Bregman $108

Anonymous $150

Mendel and Izzy Rabin $324

Hatslocha Raba Uncle Avi, Aunty Dena and the West Hills community

Mark and Lori Steiner $540

May Hashem bless and bestow revealed goodness upon the Jewish nation. Am Yisrael Chai!

Team: Mench Club

Max and Vicky Gordon $540

From Las. Vegas to Rabbi Avi


Almog Raz $540

Alex and Agnes Wasserman $540

Frank and Dina Azizolahi $540


Jeff and Lori Goldschen $5 400

Victoria Cruz $150

Thank you!!

Team: CTeen

Joe Breckner $108

Kenny and Deanna Bayer $162

Todah for all your work


Erez Chanin $540

We love Chabad of West Hills and the Rabin family!!!

Philip and Michelle Conwisar $1 080


Jon Cline $5 400

Thank you for your courage and commitment to our community.

Team: Mench Club

Eli and Dina Gordon $540

לע"נ הרב יהושע בנימין בן הרב שלום דובער ע"ה


Holy Smokes Kosher Bbq $162

Joshua Oleesky $540

Thank you Levi!

Team: CTeen

Lior and Kinneret Lazarovich $1 500


Stiller Family $972

Anonymous $360

Eli Laufer $540

Gregory and Sophia Stern $300

Daniel and Roxanne Yellin $1 080

Eldar and Merav Adi $1 500

Kohanoff Family $600

Mike Rubin $540

Ben and Mira Rocca $540

Ian Barnett $54

Team: Mench Club

Joe and Louise Rabin $30 000

With tremendous love from Bobba and Zaida in South Africa!!! Mazal Tov for 18 years!!!

Ronen and Regina Karpman $540

Am Israel Chai. May we see only the light. In memory of my mother and grandmother, grandfather, father in law


Jon and Michelle Dabach $900


Anonymous $108

Thank you!


Orrei and Nadia Barasch $1 080

Ari Baer $3 000

Jeremy and Daniela Benloulou $3 600

Refuah for Frieda bat Rahel


Yossi and Arlette Zaguri $540

God bless you all

Team: Mench Club

Vladislav and Irena Shut $540



Asher and Maya Cohen $540

Robyn Horwitz $540

Audrey Dyne $5 400

Leo Hirschman $540

Rose Dabach $300

In honor of the Dabach Fsmily

Guy Chanin $1 500

Love you all - Am Yisroel Chai

Team: Gillis Family

Ram and Sharon Moskowitz $540

Ore and Limor Dagan $5 400

Moishe Carlebach $300

GO RABBI AVI THANKS for your friendship and support

Anonymous $4

Well done

Anonymous $54

In memory of my dear old dad, Hyman Perlstein.

Ken and Jennifer Krainman $2 160

Selwyn and Sharon Fisher $1 080

Kamran and Viki Nazarian $1 080


Amir and Denise Erez $3 000


Jeff and Rochelle Fishman $1 080


Brian and Sharon Davidoff $5 400


Idan and Emili Tzror $3 240


Tobia and Inna Guberman $162


Yossi and Daniela Gordon $300

Hatzlacha Rabbah Umuflaga Lmaalah Min Hameshuyar Bgashmius Ubruchnius Gam Yachad!


Anonymous $60 000


Jay and Sheli Friedman $354

Am Yisrael Chai

Team: Widawer Family

Ralph and Jackie Lacher $540


Anthony and Lauren Raissen $540


Anonymous $30

Good luck for the rest!!

Team: Mench Club

Arthur and Rena Hiller $4 500

Team: Mench Club

Nachi, Gitty Rabin & Family $540

Wishing Chabad of west hills continued success.

Lori Jacobs $300

Steven and Jeanette Brodkin $540

Team: Mench Club

Zev Rozen $108

Arkadi and Milla Shaposhnik $540

Team: Mench Club

Yuval and Sheryl Shousterman $300

In memory of my parents Zev and Chiela Shousterman

Hannah Widawer $540

In honor of my parents, Mark and Marlene Widawer

Team: Widawer Family

Len and Sharon Ovsiowitz $540


Kobi and Daniella Bentov $600


Anonymous $1 080


Michael Weintraub $1 080

Team: Mench Club

Bernard and Marion Fainstein $1 080

Israeli Army


Anonymous $150

Rabbi Avi & Dena , thank you for everything

Simone Roland $108

Team: Widawer Family

Eric Winter and Joanna Katz $1 080

Team: Mench Club

Anonymous $300

Team: Mench Club

Gil and Orly Caspi $1 080

Team: Caspi Family

Anonymous $300

Horav Yehoshua Binyomin Ben Horav Shalom Dov Ber

Laurie Groina $216

In memory of Dana and Abe Groina

Jacob and Tammy Drach $1 080

Team: Mench Club

Anonymous $6 000

Team: Mench Club

Gary Dyne $540

Anonymous $1 080

Team: Mench Club

Alex and Larissa Kleinman $540

Jon and Tony Attarzadeh $378

Denis Salem $540

Mazal Tov on 18 years!


Maksim and Anna Avrukin $3 000


Jay and Cecilia Falk $540

Mazal tov!

Team: Mench Club

Yossi and Nancy Levi $408


Tony and Lisa Ende $1 080


Liane and Gavin Rosenberg $300

עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל חַי


Neil and Tracy Rosenfield $540

Ross and Maria Tsymbalov $540

Rory Hyman $540

In honor of the Vorobiof family

Lenny and Susan Guberman $540

Toovie Brafman $540

Anonymous $540

Team: Mench Club

Stephanie and Michael Weisberg $1 080

Anonymous $3 000

Anonymous $1 560

Lachayim to west hills Chabad and the Rabin family!


Aaron and Atara Wold $540

To many more sets of 18 in good health and success!


Neil and Rosalyn Sokoler $216

In honor of Rabbi Rabin

Team: Gillis Family

Gary and Carol Archer $600

Doron and Sandra Chanin $540


Charly and Telila Levy $1 620

In memory of the October 7 terror victims. Am Yisrael Chai!

Team: Widawer Family

Anonymous $1 080

Simani Family $540

Robin and Dave Derose $1 500

Mark and Marlene Widawer $1 200

In honor of our family: Brad, Tali, Shoshi, Eli, Aviva, and Max Widawer, and Hannah and Omri Toren.

Team: Widawer Family

David and Etty Moshe $540


Yair and Nili Kempler $1 080


Steve and Nancy Wold $1 500

Peace in Israel soon


Matt and Lauren Bernstein $1 080

Judith Cukier $3 000

Michael and Stella Guberman $540

Gary and Loren Puterman $5 400


Meir and Simi Rivkin $216

Love Chabad West Hills!!!

Jordan Berger $54

Eric and Daniella Brown $3 000


David Levcovitch $540

Craig and Cathy Shandler $1 080

Am Israel Chain !!!

Team: Mench Club

Samuel Shandler $1 080

Looking forward to 2024! Am Yisrael Chi!

Team: Mench Club

Dovi and Lully Rabin and fam $540

In honor of Rabbi Avi and Dena! Much continued success to all at chabad west hills

Linda Pulver $540

In loving memory of my niece Brooke Ashleigh

Anonymous $1 080


Al and Lisa Tiano $3 000

Lynette Brown $5 400

Erin Horwitz $540

Jeremy and Candice Steiner $108

Team: Mench Club

Gary and Leora Raikin $300

Team: Widawer Family

Yulia Zarovski $540

Gabe and Alisa Vorobiof $5 400

Yasher Koach! Hatzlocha!


Stan and Ruth Magnus $540

Team: Gillis Family

Ray Cox $450

Team: Gillis Family

Moshe Hager $750

In honor of Larry Gillis

Team: Gillis Family

Reva Tidwell $150

In honor of Laurie Scher

Team: Gillis Family

Vitaly Libman $1 500

Team: Gillis Family

Bob and Debbi Feinstein $300

We are proud to donate to such a great cause.

Team: Gillis Family

Steve and Heather Rasnick $540

You make even heretics feel welcome


Howard Bennett $108

In loving memory of Marcia and George Heitner

Anonymous $5 400

Anonymous $900

In honor of the dynamic duo Rabbi & Rebbetzin Rabin


Frank and Marsha Peck $5 400

Jeff and Kellie Singer $1 500


Etty Saks $108

In memory of my sister Naomi, my parents , Mathieu & Sarah Cohen.

Team: Widawer Family

Bruce and Susan Moss $540

Team: Mench Club

Gil and Nedra Weinreich $300

Chabad of West Hills Chai!

Jason and Talia Youdeem $750


Avi and Dena Rabin $1 080


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Caspi Family

Raised: $1,080

Goal: $5,400

20% Raised

Raised: $7,755

Goal: $10,800

72% Raised
Gillis Family

Raised: $5,706

Goal: $5,000

114% Raised
Mench Club

Raised: $35,190

Goal: $30,000

117% Raised
Widawer Family

Raised: $20,556

Goal: $5,400

381% Raised
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