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Established in 2010, we are committed to fostering an ethical culture among current and future leaders worldwide.

Our Story: Our journey began with Graham Power and now continues with his son Gary and wife Ilene. What started as a vision has evolved into a global movement. Unashamedly Ethical (UE) is committed to fostering an ethical culture among current and future leaders worldwide.

CEO Gary Power emphasizes our dedication to upholding integrity and ethical leadership. UE stands for ethics, values, and clean living, empowering leaders to drive positive change in society.

Our Mission: At UE, we unite to transform leaders and nations by promoting ethics and moral values across all sectors. We combat corruption, support ethical behavior, and strive to alleviate systemic poverty through systemic interventions.


1. Courageously Ethical - Transforming Leaders
Championing ethical living: We advocate for ethics, values, and clean living, serving as a beacon of integrity within society, inspiring others to uphold these principles.

Cultivating social awareness: Within our communities, we cultivate a consciousness of moral responsibility and societal behavior, nurturing a culture of accountability and positive action that empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully to societal well-being.

Promoting accountability & reconciliation: We encourage people to adhere to ethical norms and provide channels for resolving disputes to foster responsibility. We assist in putting into practice workable ideas that convert promises into actions for constructive change.

Supporting ethical leadership: We offer unwavering support to leaders across diverse sectors, empowering them to lead with integrity and drive ethical transformation on a global scale, fostering a culture of ethical leadership and innovation for a brighter future.

2. Tribe – Transforming Next Generation
Culture Shift Program
Courageously Ethical Entrepreneurship
Ethical Character Building Program

3. Heal our Land – Disaster Relief & Prevention
National Disaster Response Network
Disaster Relief

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Who We Are

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