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Right now, there are 125 families in our community needing our help to create not just a life, but a lifetime of memories.

95% Raised

Together we've raised A$498 729 (95%)!
Help us reach our goal of A$520 000

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Team Golan

Champion Goal: A$10,000
Raised: A$5,868

Thank you for your generous donation to the Australian Jewish Fertility Network.

Barbie & I feel incredibly honoured and privileged to support this amazing organisation that is literally helping to create miracle babies within our community.

Your donation will directly impact the lives of Jewish families in Australia and will ensure that no Jewish couple ever feels alone in their fertility journey.

May your charitable acts be a source of continued bracha for you and your loved ones, and may you be blessed with only good health, happiness, and success in everything you do!

Thank you!

“Whoever practices charity and justice fills the world with loving kindness” – Talmud, Sukkah

59% Raised

We believe that every Jewish Australian deserves the opportunity to build their dream family. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come so easy for the 1 in 6 who experience the heartache of infertility.

In our community, there are 125 families who simply cannot afford the cost of fertility treatments. Right now, we are the lifeline in the lives of these families who often have nowhere else to turn. Together we can give them hope and the chance to achieve their dreams of having a baby. 

Through your support, we're bringing more life to Am Yisrael - and in today's times, what could be more important? 

AJFN’s Miracle Making Month will help ensure that every Jewish Australian has the opportunity to try to create the family they dream of and build the next generation. 

We cannot do it without your help!

The financial cost of IVF can be out of reach for many couples and can escalate upwards of $10k per treatment, with many requiring on average three cycles before they are successful. 

Now, more than ever, let’s create more light together - what greater light is there than new life? 

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AJFN is registered as a Health Promotion Charity with DGR1 status. ABN 90630127061. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

We've raised 95%!

Together we've raised A$498 729!
Help us reach our goal of A$520 000

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Donors for Team Golan

Anonymous A$216

Champion: Team Golan

Alon Meltzer A$100

Champion: Team Golan

Brad & Lianne Kady A$1 000

Champion: Team Golan

Anonymous A$720

Champion: Team Golan

Ronni and Rob Meyerson A$720

To many more tiny, beautiful miracles!

Champion: Team Golan

Patrick and Ariella Cemal A$1 500

Champion: Team Golan

Shelley and David Evian A$144

Champion: Team Golan

Anonymous A$108

Champion: Team Golan

Anonymous A$1 000

Champion: Team Golan

Anonymous A$360

Champion: Team Golan


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Davidowitz Miracle Makers

Raised: A$7 996

Goal: A$15 000

53% Raised
Gonski Miracles

Raised: A$48 093

Goal: A$40 000

120% Raised
Justine's Miracles

Raised: A$10 637

Goal: A$10 000

106% Raised
Keyser Miracles

Raised: A$12 320

Goal: A$14 000

88% Raised
Lara's Miracle Makers

Raised: A$23 750

Goal: A$20 000

119% Raised
Miracle Makers

Raised: A$2 151

Goal: A$1 500

143% Raised
Rozannes Miracles

Raised: A$1 424

Goal: A$5 000

28% Raised
Samowitz Miracles

Raised: A$25 494

Goal: A$7 500

340% Raised
Tali Feiglin

Raised: A$660

Goal: A$1 000

66% Raised
Team Golan

Raised: A$5 868

Goal: A$10 000

59% Raised
The Placks and Co Miracle Makers

Raised: A$23 416

Goal: A$40 000

59% Raised
The Winners

Raised: A$65 452

Goal: A$40 000

164% Raised
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